BYOD: Consumerism Changes the Game

Juvo Technologies Standard

For anyone wanting to gain a clearer understanding of why BYOD has emerged as such a powerful trend, one need only look to the articles linked below, one by Fierce Wireless and the other by Fierce Telecom. Specifically, these two articles deal with the biggest “Turkeys” of 2013 within their respective spaces.

What is telling about these two articles, is that consumers, individuals walking into Best Buy, understand the issues mentioned within the wireless space. For example, number 7 on the list of biggest wireless Turkeys is the absence of a smart phone from Amazon. Consumers get that. One the wireline side, there is this: ”AT&T pushes special access rate increase.” Huh? You’ve got to work within the telecom industry for that story to qualify as news.

While the fact that BYOD is a consumer driven issue might not be news, the striking contrast in these two articles will hopefully help convey the idea that BYOD is in fact different than other trends that organizations have had to manage. Changing technologies, individual preferences, and the need for organizations to find ever news ways of competing, imply that BYOD, in some shape or form, isn’t going anywhere.


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