We Sold a Non-Exclusive Version of Our Software in 2017 Here’s Why We’re Better in 2018

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Whether as an individual or an organization, the advent of a new year often brings with it a sense of reflection, almost a primal need to look back on what went well and where improvement is needed. While the utility of making an actual resolution is sometimes debated, few seem to debate the reality that introspective reflection usually makes us better.

Last year, Juvo did something rather unique in our space: we sold a non-exclusive version of our software to a competitor. We have always maintained that within the Telecom Expense Management space, the idea of pure play “SaaS” applications doesn’t really work, mainly because of the manner in which billing data must enter the system. We’ve always maintained that one’s software (platform) is but one part of the service triad: platform, processes, and people. With that belief entrenched in our culture, the idea of selling a version of our source code didn’t make us nervous. In fact, it’s only made us better, and here are three reasons why:

  1. There’s no software audit like a customer based software audit. Process owners, software developers, and service delivery personnel usually have pretty good ideas regarding what software should do in general. Within the very specific TEM space, we were no different. Having a buyer go through our system with a fine tooth comb though, asking why our system does certain things, and how it does other things, forced us to ask questions that we didn’t need to answer in the past, largely because our people and processes were able to work around any fuzzy logic within our system. Rather than simply telling our buyer, “that’s just how it works,” we eventually developed a bit of humility, and began asking things like, “how would you want it to work?”
  2. No two customer bases are the same. The buyer of our software had a customer base that was a little smaller than ours in terms of total customers, but actually a little bigger in terms of total telecom spend that would be managed within their version of the software. Some of their larger customers had wants and needs that our system simply didn’t account for a year ago. The updates and improvements that were really requirements for these large customers, have now been put in place for all of our clients, meaning the system is more robust than it ever would have been had we just responded to requests from our own customer base.
  3. Our software now has different flavors. Prior to this software sale, if a customer wanted to work with Juvo, there was essentially one main way to do it: buy our managed services solution that comes with access to our portal/software. Now, there are multiple ways in which customers can utilize our services: traditional TEM arrangement, white label solution, source code purchase, and even “modular” offerings for those who only need bill pay or help desk solutions.

2017 was a great year for Juvo, and with a software platform that continues to be improved upon, we’re looking forward to helping our customers do even more in 2018.

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