BYOD Debate

Juvo Technologies Standard

BYOD continues to be a hot topic. The fact that it is a “cross enterprise” issue probably contributes to the debate, as both HR and IT folks have a vested interest in it. Last week, an interesting online debate was conducted, with two different BYOD acronyms offered: Bring Your Own Device or Build Your Own Disaster. The results of this debate can be found by checking out the link below.

For the sake of this post, we simply find it interesting that organizational angst is growing within the BYOD realm, seemingly due to the fact that many organizations continue to pursue BYOD from a pure cost savings position. Those that view it from a productivity position seem to have a more positive experience.

One aspect of the debate that doesn’t seem to get enough attention is what is meant by “productivity.” It is within this realm that even employees find themselves getting frustrated. Unfortunately, what every tablet maker to pure BYOD proponent really means by the term “productivity,” is “the ability to answer e-mails or texts at any and all hours of the day.” In other words, once a company gives an employee a reimbursement, it becomes the unwritten rule that the employee must now be accessible at all times. This often seems okay to start, but rarely ends well, as it allows managers to regularly intrude on what used to be personal time. Sure, this can be one way of gauging how committed your employees might be to the company cause, but again, it’s not a great long term play for most organizations.

While the BYOD debate continues, it really is just another issue that demands managerial oversight, insight, and direction.

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