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“Hey everyone, and welcome to the first installment of ‘Ask Beibs.’ I’m your host, Beibs.”

Q. “Why do they call you Beibs?”
– James from New Orleans, LA
A. “I really don’t know.”

Q. “Are you a Belieber.”
– Ann from Mobile, AL
A. “No. Baby, baby, baby, ohhh.”

Q. “How many carriers does Juvo represent?”
– Scott from Boise, ID
A. “Well Scott, we represent about 363,457. 11. 243. 3.4.159. Eleventy-billion. 6,037,000. 874. 12. And three-quarters.”

Q. “Can I borrow fifty bucks?”
– Ryan from Juvo
A. “No, Ryan. For the last time, you can not borrow fifty dollars.”

Q. Where can I go to learn more about your company’s services?”
– Oliver from Starling City
A. “Well Oliver, you can go to our website at and that’s juvotec without the h. There you’ll be able to find out anything you want to know about the company. You can learn about our services and our offers, as well as the carriers that we represent.”

Q. (indistinct language)
– Steve from Kansas City, MO
A. “Um….”

Q. “Can Juvo help me with my Support Desk?”
– Steve from Memphis, TN
A. “Of course we can Steve. We can help you with desktops, laptops, mobile; we can help you with servers, printers, the occasional coffee machine, coke machine, routers, switches and firewalls.”

Q. “Can you help me make a changed password?”
– Raj from Tampa, FL
A. “Si!”

Q. “How do you guys process phone bills?”
– Doug from Atlanta, GA
A. “Well, Doug. We have a leprechaun that sits in our server room, and through his magical rainbow that is the internet connection, he gets your phone bills off of the world wide rainbow; he throws them in our pot of gold, our database. Well, once it’s in a database, it goes into our portal, now we have access to your phone bills, and we’ll process those every month!”

“Well everyone, that was our first installment of ‘Ask Beibs.’ If you have any questions that you would like to ask Beibs, reach out to us on Twitter @juvotec and just use the hashtag askbeibs.”


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