JuvoTV Episode 1: Contract Talk

John Schroder Telecom, Video

In this first episode JuvoTV: Bite-sized TEM Talk, Schroder talks the importance of a master service agreement in the world of telecom.

“One of the most thankless tasks within any organization is the telecom or IT Audit,” explains John Schroder, CEO and President of Juvo Technologies. “There’s a lot of reasons for that thanklessness that comes from just the sheer connotation of the term audit. We have images of end-of-the-year tax filings and accountants – none of which make us very comfortable.”

“Now, while carriers shoulder a lot of the blame with regards to the pain involved in these telecom audits, there are some self-inflicted wounds that any organization would be wise to be mindful of. So, let’s just take for example: you’re a hundred location organization – you’ve got general managers at each one of those sites. Do they all know that there’s a master service agreement for your telecom services?

In other words, if that general manager in Beaumont calls up AT&T and asks for a circuit, and he doesn’t tie it to a master service agreement, that carrier is not necessarily going to connect the dots. So, when invoicing arrives next month, everyone is surprised to see that wait, there is a contract here, but we’re not getting the contract rate; it in fact generated a whole new contract because it wasn’t tied to the master service agreement at the point in which it was installed. “

Schroder continues, “So, regardless of your organization’s size, having systems in place by which communication is afforded to everybody so that people know in fact what’s going on, what contracts are in place, having those systems in place is critical to any organization seeking to get the most for their telecom dollar.”


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John Schroder

CEO and President - Juvo Technologies

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