While the world of telecom expense management and IT can be challenging, or perhaps even “hard,” working with Juvo isn’t.

Certified telecom professionals who enjoy their jobs. A management platform that puts end users firmly in control of their entire IT environment. Processes that have been refined over the past decade of service. From health care to education, from finance to logistics, Juvo’s “people, platform, and processes” all work in concert with each other, allowing us to provide customized, yet simplified, solutions for customers across a wide expanse of industries.


Audit, optimize, and streamline your telecom accounts with our simple, four-step process.

We at Juvo believe it is the simplified solutions that are being sought by effective organizations today. While constantly refining our systems, we adhere to a simplified Four Cornerstone approach to telecom management. These management cornerstones: Inventory, Contracts, Operations, and Invoice/Expense, all work in concert with each other, and therefore, so does our software. This concerted effort is understood by our team as well, meaning a Juvo solution brings together all the stakeholders within your telecom environment, from the service providers to the end users who turn that technology into productivity.


Our Services


Wireline Management

Wireless Management

Audit & Optimization

IT Consulting

Site Surveys & Structured Cabling

Disaster Recovery

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Having great products and services is one thing… having a well trained and committed staff on deck makes those products and services even more meaningful for the customers we serve. Backed by industry recognized certifications, our team is dedicated to providing simplified solutions in an increasingly complex world, all with the goal of…

Customer Satisfaction
telecom expense management
telecom expense management
telecom expense management
telecom expense management
telecom expense management

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telecom expense management

Operational scaffolding for your IT needs. Streamline your workflows and systems.

telecom expense management

Every vendor claims to save you money. Sterling enables you to prove it.

telecom expense management

Operational Excellence, Governance, Risk and Control. Simplified. Really, really, really simplified.