With industry certified personnel, proprietary software, and a genuine desire to help, Juvo has been able to partner with organizations across a variety of industries. From healthcare to finance, from construction to logistics, Juvo solutions work.

While there is no standard profile of a Juvo client, those who choose Juvo are typically committed to driving efficiencies across their organization. Technological change brings challenges, and our clients look to us to provide insight into how to make the most of the leaps in technology we are all experiencing. With a client base that cuts across many of our country’s largest industries, Juvo has gained an understanding of what works, and what doesn’t within various organizations. From job costing and approvals in the construction sector, to 24 hour support within the logistics space, Juvo knows that your organization is unique, and our entire team is committed to creating simplified solutions that avoid the temptation of using cookie cutter templates that worked for someone else 5 years ago.

What others are saying
  • “I LOVE SIMPLICITY! I cannot stress the importance of this tool to my team. My Service Desk Level 1 and Level 2 staff can now log tickets via Simplicity for any issues. In the past, one of my Network Engineers would need to be involved due to complexities in the process with the carriers (circuit IDs, addresses, escalations, etc.). This tool has given time back to my Network Engineers as well allowing them to work on additional projects and focus on business needs.”

    Jennifer, CIO & Senior Director
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • “Juvo has relieved our accounting team of many hours of labor intensive telecom related entries. For the first time we have detailed visibility into all of our communication spend resulting in an improved ability to monitor and control our expenses. The Juvo team assigned to our account is terrific.”

    Lori, Director of Finance & Budget
    Boise, ID
  • “I consult with Juvo on a monthly basis and hold their expertise in the highest regard. They identify potential issues before they become too difficult to deal with thus helping our small IT team to be proactive verses reactive. Juvo employees consult in a way that is simple and effective. They always provide the highest level of support at a reasonable cost, with our best interests in mind.”

    Steve, IT Director
    Boise, ID

Why Choose Us?

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Juvo began as a telecom management company in 2007. Apple invented the iPhone in the same year. Coincidence? Probably not.


The most popular street name in America is Main Street. Juvo is located on Main Street. Working with Juvo will make you popular.


Hattiesburg is the fourth largest city in Mississippi. Juvo has four letters. Hire us and you’ll stop using four letter words when you see your monthly telecom bills rolling in.


Mississippi native Oliver Pollock is credited with having invented the dollar sign. Working with Juvo will help make you more $$$.


Juvo’s street address is 518. Add those numbers up and you get 14, the atomic number of silicon. Are we implying that Hattiesburg is a Southern version of Silicon Valley? Are you crazy? We’re simply implying that Silicon Valley quality and Southern pricing is possible.


Technology Management

Gain insight into telecom costs, add to your bottom line, and transform the way you view telecom with custom solutions from people who get IT.


Bill Pay

Streamline your AP process, reduce errors and fraud risk, decrease payment-processing time and cost, and improve cash forecasting when you convert from paper to electronic payables.



Maximize the full potential of your enterprise by aligning company culture, strategy, and goals while identifying and treating risk within your organization with Framework.