Three Things You Need to Know About Telecom Expense Management Right Now

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  1. Telecom carriers might offer “Managed Networks,” but they most definitely can’t provide Telecom Expense Management.

    Different providers (ILEC, CLEC, reseller, etc) are currently packaging some of their offerings as a “managed” service. If you’re looking at this site, you probably know better than allowing a carrier to “audit” itself. Further, this practice usually comes with promised savings of as much as 35% off of tariff rates. Sounds great right? Well, if you’re an enterprise level customer, you haven’t been paying tariff rates for years, so that savings isn’t going to happen. What about that other “management” that they talked about? Sure, they’ll probably be able to flag things like “Top Ten Most Expensive Calls.” This will allow you to bother Bill in accounting with inquiries about that 47 minute call he was on to Palo Alto, but if that truly is an issue, your TEM provider can easily provide that insight, allowing you to stay out of the world in which the carrier is policing itself.


  3. Every TEM can audit a phone bill.

    Very few auditing firms can provide TEM. While an entire cottage industry sprung up years ago whereby consultants and telecom experts went in and performed one time audits (oftentimes with great success), the audit function is considered today a “minimum point of entry,” for any TEM provider. Armed with sophisticated software applications, programmers capable of integrating various systems, and years of telecom industry knowledge, today’s TEMs provide value well beyond an initial audit.


  5. Implementation time is everything.

    While any TEM implementation has shared responsibilities between customer and provider, there must be reasonable timeframes in place from the very beginning that everyone complies with. At Juvo, we perform a standard 45 day implementation that means we begin bringing value to your organization almost immediately. While Juvo is certainly not the largest TEM provider in today’s market, we challenge you to find one who’ll get you up and running any faster than we will.


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