Four Cornerstones


Inventory Management

More than simply gathering, maintaining, and managing an enterprise-wide database, true inventory management is a dynamic process by which stakeholders throughout the organization gain insight into end user assets, how those assets are deployed, and how those assets bring value. Spreadsheets are helpful, but hard to actually manage and validate. For example, inventory management can ensure cell phones no longer end up in desk drawers while racking up charges and phone lines in vacated buildings actually get disconnected on time.




Contracts Management

Getting the most for you telecom dollar is a combination of many factors, from end user habits to carrier contract terms. Having relationships with over 100 vendors and providers allows us access to timely promotions and pricing. This turns a simple quote request from a client into a modified and meaningful RFP that oftentimes brings immediate value through favorable contract terms. Providing useful analytics on those carrier services can then allow for better network optimization across the enterprise.




Operations Management

Your people are busy and they often have competing interests or tasks. Giving them resources to do their jobs well is not just 21st century “business speak,” but a reality that can’t be ignored. From help desk and service support, to new carrier services that must be coordinated across the entire organization, we understand the day-to-day issues your people are working through. Additionally, we have the collective experience to help with those pesky “one offs,” the exceptions to the rule type problems that by the nature of our business, we deal with quite regularly.

Juvo’s newest, stand-alone platform, Framework has been designed to help drive Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) efforts across the organization. While the system was designed by IT folks, especially for IT folks, its utility and power comes from its ability to coordinate the GRC related efforts amongst all departments, divisions, and units within the enterprise.




Invoice & Expense Management

For every carrier, your accounting department must juggle different billing dates and different payment terms. The challenge of cost allocations and approvals can turn invoice processing into a frustrating exercise where AP personnel must interpret and pay IT related invoices in the attempt to keep service from being disconnected. Our five step audit process ensures that carrier charges are validated against a contract, while consolidated billing and advanced reporting turns frustrating carrier invoices into enterprise level insight.

While the Four Cornerstones work in concert with each other, our systems have evolved over time, allowing for the effective management of expenses across the entire enterprise. Our stand alone Bill Pay solution is based on the idea that there is typically a “best” time to pay every invoice that enters your organization’s AP system. From eliminating late fees, to maximizing cash flow, our system’s logic can enhance your own internal auditing efforts and drive efficiencies throughout your accounting department.