JuvoTV Episode 2: Contract Auto-Renewal Talk

John Schroder Telecom, Video

In the second episode of JuvoTV: Bite-sized TEM Talk, CEO John Schroder points out the importance of knowing your enterprises’ contract terms.

“So, your organization has been using AT&T and Verizon for as long as anybody there can remember; and that comfort that comes with using a known quantity is very real. The question that you need to be asking yourself however, is that comfort costing you money?

Well, to be fair, your network, whether it’s Verizon, AT&T, or whoever that incumbent carrier might be, is probably working right now. However, that comfort is in fact coming at a cost or a potential price, and in large part this comes from the fact that contract terms that carriers are famous for come with a lot of little hidden little tricks.

One of those little tricks that we see come up has to do with the auto renewal. And the auto-renewal has everything to do with the status quo.

In other words, you’ve reached month thirty-seven of a thirty-six month term with your carrier, and in reality, the terms have changed at least with regards to those prices. They continue to deliver the service, however, they’ve auto renewed you for 12 more months, but yet, they’re charging you more than what they were at month one of that contract,” Schroder explains.

“So we simply encourage you to know the contract terms, know when that contract expires, at the very least, get yourself a competitive quote so that you’re armed the next time you sit down with your carrier rep.”


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John Schroder

CEO and President - Juvo Technologies

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