Bryan Schroder

Position: Founder Juvo Technologies / Managing Partner Vendorin
Email: bschroder@juvotec.com
Office: 601.329.2126

Formerly an award-winning financial planner managing over $40 million in assets, Bryan is the founder of Juvo Technologies, LLC. Bryan proudly claims that Juvo is a telecom company that eventually built its own management software, as opposed to being a software company that eventually stumbled into telecom. His passion for details combined with a laser like focus on client satisfaction have both been keys to Juvo’s continued growth.

In 2016, Bryan spearheaded the efforts that led to Juvo’s acquisition of Vendorin. Having worked very closely with members of the Vendorin sales force for over a year as a referral partner, Bryan saw the value in the Vendorin value proposition, and knew that it was a perfect complement to many of the services that Juvo was providing existing clients.

Prior to the acquisition of Vendorin, Bryan served on CompTIA’s Telecom Advisory Council, and at one point, served as the Vice Chairman. Bryan’s work with the council centered around the notion that IT and Telecom are “converging,” meaning organizations have to understand and integrate functions across the entire enterprise. This reality is something Bryan has helped Juvo customers take advantage of for several years now: “convergence is really just a fancy way of saying that all the stuff you use to communicate is merging, or coming together. While this implies great promise, it also represents a real challenge for most organizations. We love helping clients respond to these challenges.”

An avid tennis player, Bryan can often be found trying to channel his inner Roger Federer on courts throughout the area. He and his wife Kristen have four young children and the entire crew enjoys supporting the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss.